"Time is what we want most, but what we use worst." - William Penn

I don’t know about you, but for me, time is all I’ve got most days. Every minute not billed is a minute, well, not billed. I am routinely faced with the need to deliver stuff to my clients, but I don’t want to waste their time and money paying me to make a delivery. Enter…the courier!

I have found that utilizing a courier is one of the most cost effective ways of efficiently getting something somewhere. Today, for example, a courier is making a delivery for me – pick up at 8:30A delivered by noon - all for $11. Excellent!

Where do you find a courier? I am a member of the local Chamber of Commerce and utilize fellow Chamber members whenever possible; my courier of choice is A&V Daily Courier - (651) 905-1213. If you’re in the Twin Cities Metro Area, give them a try!
12/9/2012 09:58:57 pm

I even told my friends to take a look at your blog and in fact your blog is already bookmarked on my computer. Hope to see more of this.

12/13/2012 10:46:12 pm

Many thanks for such a write-up. I undoubtedly cherished reading it and talk about this it to my friends.

4/11/2013 06:58:59 am

Hello! Thank you for the lovely shout out to your local couriers! As of July 2012, A&V Daily Courier was merged with MVP Services! You can still call the same phone number, and you will see a lot of the same drivers - with a few additions! I will contact you directly, but wanted to thank you for recognizing your local courier!

8/2/2013 07:02:35 pm

I totally agree with you. great services.

3/11/2014 01:48:23 pm

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12/20/2016 10:15:48 am

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4/15/2018 07:55:44 am

The delivering of the things with a courier is a very convenient way to meet the needs of the customers. However, this requires the considerable expenses.


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