Struggling with Office 2010, or just want to know how to use it more productively? Check out these great quick reference guides by Excel, Office, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word.

These printable quick references are yours to use, distribute, and share at your organization! Really great stuff!
Perplexed by the newest Word “ribbon” toolbar? Take a quick minute to check out these great MS Word 2010 keyboard shortcuts – it could save you a few minutes of frustration!

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Anyone who took typing in high school learned that you always put two spaces after a period, colons, questions marks, and exclamation points. Well, times have
changed, and the two-space rule is dead! Believe it or not, using two spaces
after punctuation is incorrect these days! more
Whenever you enter a web address (or URL) in a cell, Excel automatically
turns that address into a clickable hyperlink. Excel does the same for network
addresses. Sometimes, that is helpful. Other times, it can be annoying.

If you find that it annoys more than it helps, you can configure Excel to not
turn the text into hyperlinks automatically. To do that: more