No, not THAT apocalypse - a data apocalypse. Most of us have at least one computer in our homes and/or at the office. How prepared are you for a computer crash? It really isn't a matter of "if" - it's more a matter of "when" your computer will fail - just like a car, electronic circuits wear out, files are accidentally deleted or viruses invade - would you rather grieve your data loss or simply restore the data from a backup?

‎Many people who use computers—whether it's for their home, business or a volunteer run organization — are moving toward a "paperless" office. Simply, they are tired and overwhelmed by scraps of paper, clunky old file folders, envelopes — and they want to reduce the clutter. Here are six things to keep in mind as you move toward a paperless home or business office. more
Identity theft is a very real problem facing everyone today. According to the Washington State Attorney General’s office, “Dumpster diving,” or rifling through trash cans for personal information, is a common tactic used by identity thieves. You are taking a terrible risk if you don’t shred sensitive material. more